Number of Deaths in 2024

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2912933May 17, 2024AlabamaBirimingham1500 block of Coosa St11000
2912270May 16, 2024AlabamaMobile300 block of Gaston St10000
2911448May 15, 2024AlabamaBirmingham5500 block of 1st Ave S10000
2838881February 25, 2024AlaskaPoint Hope309 Agviq St22001
2908712May 13, 2024AlaskaAnchorage7100 block of Bearfoot Dr00100
2908710May 13, 2024AlaskaAnchorage500 block of E 15th Ave10000
2900289May 4, 2024AlaskaFairbanks122 N Turner St10001
2892700April 27, 2024AlaskaAnchorage3700 block of Lois Dr10001
2879914April 13, 2024AlaskaPalmerOld Glenn Hwy10000
2865180March 28, 2024AlaskaAnchorage2800 block of W 31st Ave10000
2859806March 20, 2024AlaskaAnchorage245 W 5th Ave10000
2856624March 17, 2024AlaskaAnchorage3401 E Tudor Road10001
2847054February 28, 2024AlaskaSoldotna326 Binkley Cir10000
2825710February 10, 2024AlaskaAnchorage7300 block of Huntsmen Cir10001
2823389February 5, 2024AlaskaRussian MissionN/A10001
2820993February 4, 2024AlaskaAnchorage200 block of North Park St10001
2792395January 1, 2024ArizonaSurpriseGreenway Rd and Grand Ave10001
2800955January 14, 2024ArizonaMesa1250 S Country Club Dr10001
2799487January 11, 2024ArizonaPhoenixN 33rd St and E Taylor St00100
2798640January 9, 2024ArizonaPhoenixW Mohave St and 7th Ave10000
2796839January 7, 2024ArizonaPhoenixN 35th Ave and W Bell Rd11001
2796345January 7, 2024ArizonaPhoenixS 67th Ave and W Lower Buckeye Rd12000
2795814January 5, 2024ArizonaPhoenixW Holly St and N 31st Ave20000
2795776January 5, 2024ArizonaPeoria8425 W Bell Rd01100
2794953January 4, 2024ArizonaPhoenix3150 W Morten Ave11000