Number of Deaths in 2022

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2335394June 15, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque4400 Coors Blvd SW10002
2366393July 21, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque10600 Cibola Loop NW01100
2365200July 17, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerqueIsleta Blvd SW and Bridge Blvd SW11000
2363968July 18, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque6001 Topke Pl NE10001
2362748July 18, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque1119 Candelaria Rd NW10000
2357291July 11, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerqueBell Ave SE and San Pedro Dr SE10000
2357287July 11, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerqueSan Mateo Blvd and Grand Ave10000
2351713July 5, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque11120 Lomas Blvd NE00100
2349879July 5, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque9010 Alexis Ave SW12000
2343651June 29, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque7817 Central Ave SE10000
2342912June 27, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque5001 Montgomery Blvd NE00100
2340773June 25, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque436 Grove St SE10001
2340761June 26, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque141 98th St NW20001
2301392May 12, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque5201 Central Ave NE10000
2334755June 19, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque125 2nd St NW00100
2332255June 15, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque5500 block of Central Ave NE10001
2330141June 14, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque301 McKnight Ave10001
2329612June 13, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque2100 block of Coal Pl SE10000
2325447June 8, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque4400 Montgomery Blvd NE10001
2318825June 2, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque1200 block of Mimbres St SW10001
2317755May 31, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque910 8th St NW20001
2314297May 22, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque12901 Central Ave NE10001
2312232May 8, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque7817 Central Ave NE11003
2308183May 20, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerque710 Dan Ave SE10001
2303087May 15, 2022New MexicoAlbuquerqueGeneral Patch St NE and Chico Rd NE10000