Number of Deaths in 2022

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2295783May 5, 2022AlabamaGoodwater116 Armory St10002
2299113May 10, 2022AlabamaBirmingham8300 block of 4th Ave S10000
2298986May 10, 2022AlabamaMobileUS-45 and S Leeds Ave20000
2298959April 30, 2022AlabamaPisgah1453 County Road 35420001
2298030May 6, 2022AlabamaMoundville1495 County Road 4610100
2297939May 8, 2022AlabamaMontgomery5800 block of E Shirley Ln10001
2297921May 9, 2022AlabamaMontgomery2312 Eastern Blvd10001
2297371May 8, 2022AlabamaBessemer2800 block of Dartmouth Ave11001
2296655May 7, 2022AlabamaBirmingham32nd St SW and Beulah Ave SW10000
2296461May 7, 2022AlabamaToney100 block of Spirit Dr12001
2296009May 6, 2022AlabamaMontgomery3500 block of Dalraida Ct10001
2296004May 5, 2022AlabamaHuntsville4010 Hunters Ridge Dr SW10001
2296002May 5, 2022AlabamaDuttonAL-4010000
2291494April 30, 2022AlabamaBirmingham700 block of New Hill Ave10000
2295618May 6, 2022AlabamaMobile601 S. Conception St10100
2295324May 5, 2022AlabamaLoxley14000 block of Wolf Run Rd11002
2295304May 5, 2022AlabamaAlbertvilleTerry Cir00100
2295296May 5, 2022AlabamaBessemer1700 block of Alliance Rd10100
2295292May 5, 2022AlabamaBirmingham1600 block of 25th Ave N10001
2294430May 4, 2022AlabamaBirminghamI-459 and Overton Rd10000
2293801May 2, 2022AlabamaOzarkUS-231 and Deese Rd00100
2293759May 3, 2022AlabamaMobile (Prichard)Eastland Dr and Lott Rd00100
2293034April 30, 2022AlabamaTalladega400 block of E Sloan Ave10002
2291745May 1, 2022AlabamaMontgomery500 block of E Patton Ave12001
2291509April 30, 2022AlabamaBirmingham4200 block of 2nd Ave11001