Number of Deaths in 2019

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1336902February 27, 2019New JerseyCamden2800 block of Constitution Rd20000
2863960September 18, 2019South CarolinaCamden100 block of Doc Humphries Rd10001
1585912December 31, 2019New JerseyCamdenMorgan Boulevard10000
1561728November 29, 2019New JerseyCamden700 block of Tulip St10000
1522896October 9, 2019New JerseyCamden1300 block of Federal St10000
1494265August 31, 2019New JerseyCamden1200 block of Sheridan St10000
1445324July 11, 2019New JerseyCamden1200 block of Empire Ave10000
1438757July 2, 2019New JerseyCamden1100 block of Liberty St10001
1423295June 16, 2019New JerseyCamden800 block of Delaware Ave11000
1406544May 26, 2019New JerseyCamden1100 block of S 6th St00100
1401956May 22, 2019South CarolinaCamden300 block of Dicey Ford Rd20000
1399384May 19, 2019New JerseyCamden122 Vine St11000
1377103April 21, 2019New JerseyCamden1084 N 29th St21000
1371445March 24, 2019New JerseyCamden2500 block of Carman St10000
1354479March 25, 2019New JerseyCamden1200 block of Thurman St10000
1347974March 16, 2019New JerseyCamden619 Ferry Ave13001
1411128May 31, 2019MissouriCameronI-3502100
1510143September 22, 2019OklahomaCameronJenson Rd00100
1417982June 8, 2019TexasCameron (Cross Roads)8700 block of Sagebrush Trail10100
1419068June 8, 2019TexasCameron (Cross Roads)8900 block of Tucker St10001
1468845August 4, 2019KentuckyCampbellsville225 Lyle Rd10100
1403300May 23, 2019South CarolinaCampobello300 block of Patterson Rd10001
1423784June 15, 2019OhioCanal Fulton325 Waterside Ave01100
1463958July 31, 2019OhioCanal Winchester6731 LaGrange Dr00200
1306430January 19, 2019OregonCanby32401 S Barlow Rd00100