Number of Deaths in 2022

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2316333May 29, 2022CaliforniaVenturaAzahar St and Alelia Ave10001
2318878June 2, 2022CaliforniaCoachella85300 block of Cairo St10001
2318325May 31, 2022CaliforniaBakersfield300 block of Houchin Rd10000
2318160June 1, 2022CaliforniaSan Francisco16th St and Utah St00100
2318015May 30, 2022CaliforniaOakland1000 block of 101st Ave10000
2318004May 31, 2022CaliforniaFresno4200 N Blackstone Ave10000
2317647May 29, 2022CaliforniaWrightwood5700 block of Heath Creek Dr10001
2317572May 29, 2022CaliforniaWhittier5700 block of Lockheed Ave10011
2317421May 31, 2022CaliforniaFresno225 S Argyle Ave20001
2317349May 31, 2022CaliforniaOakland2900 block of E 12th St10000
2317271May 31, 2022CaliforniaPanorama City8616 Willis Ave10000
2317216May 30, 2022CaliforniaSan Juan Capistrano26000 block of Calle San Francisco10001
2316696May 30, 2022CaliforniaExeterSpruce St and Alfred St10000
2314150May 27, 2022CaliforniaAtwater800 block of Cedar Ave10001
2316184May 30, 2022CaliforniaTulare1300 block of Bardsley Ave10001
2315378May 28, 2022CaliforniaFresno5700 block of Van Ness Blvd10100
2315338May 28, 2022CaliforniaFresno2233 N 1st St13000
2315333May 28, 2022CaliforniaMerced2600 block of Cowden Ave13000
2314974May 28, 2022CaliforniaPalmdale36000 block of Windtree Cir10000
2314922May 28, 2022CaliforniaCarmichael4400 block of Manzanita Ave10000
2314608May 25, 2022CaliforniaDowney13200 block of Carfax Ave10001
2314604May 27, 2022CaliforniaPalmdale37000 block of Cedrela Ave10000
2314159May 27, 2022CaliforniaPomonaE 9th St and Kadota Ave00100
2314155May 27, 2022CaliforniaLos Angeles1534 W Florence Ave10000
2314153May 26, 2022CaliforniaLakeheadI-500100