Number of Deaths in 2024

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddresssort descendingVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2819229February 2, 2024TexasBeaumont1000 block of Campus St10002
2873120April 7, 2024TexasSan Antonio1000 block of Cantrell Dr10000
2812436January 25, 2024NevadaHenderson1000 block of Capital Gains Dr10001
2834091February 19, 2024South CarolinaFlorence1000 block of Carver St10000
2814548January 28, 2024TennesseeAshland City1000 block of Chestnut Rd20000
2889511April 24, 2024OregonEugene1000 block of Cinnamon Ave11001
2862553January 16, 2024CaliforniaBakersfield1000 block of Clyde St10000
2836772February 4, 2024OhioAshland1000 block of E 9th St10000
2829616February 14, 2024NevadaNorth Las Vegas1000 block of E Carey Ave10001
2859633March 4, 2024CaliforniaBakersfield1000 block of E Planz Rd10000
2909077May 13, 2024VirginiaHopewell1000 block of Edward Bland Ct10000
2875049April 7, 2024ColoradoPueblo1000 block of Elm St10001
2910155May 14, 2024KentuckyLouisville1000 block of Esquire Alley10000
2885631April 19, 2024North CarolinaHickory1000 block of Finger Bridge Rd10000
2857854March 2, 2024CaliforniaBakersfield1000 block of Flower St10000
2854066March 15, 2024MarylandBaltimore1000 block of Fulton Ave10001
2830965February 15, 2024North CarolinaWinston Salem (Winston-salem)1000 block of Goldfloss St11000
2894841April 29, 2024TexasAbilene1000 block of Grape St00100
2834283February 18, 2024VirginiaSouth Hill1000 block of Green Hill Rd10010
2857639March 19, 2024MarylandParkville1000 block of Halstead Rd10000
2876172April 9, 2024MichiganKalamazoo1000 block of Interfaith Blvd10002
2887613April 22, 2024MarylandOxon Hill1000 block of Kennebec St11000
2901375May 5, 2024MarylandBaltimore1000 block of Leadenhall St10000
2807740January 21, 2024KentuckyLexington1000 block of McClain Dr00100
2844316March 3, 2024TennesseeClinton1000 block of Medaris St00100