Number of Deaths in 2023

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2589950May 5, 2023AlabamaBirmingham1400 block of 5th St W00100
2597532May 12, 2023AlabamaBirmingham (Hoover)3300 block of Chace Lake Fairway00100
2596505May 11, 2023AlabamaGrove Hill100 block of Ezell St11001
2596489May 12, 2023AlabamaBirminghamJefferson Ave SW10000
2596470May 12, 2023AlabamaBirmingham1500 block of 19th St N10000
2596305May 11, 2023AlabamaBirmingham1400 block of 33rd St N10000
2595127May 10, 2023AlabamaDothanHeadland Ave10001
2594178May 8, 2023AlabamaTanner20000 block of US-3110000
2594173May 10, 2023AlabamaTuskegee205 Lakeview Rd11001
2593618May 7, 2023AlabamaMontgomery500 block of Hale St10004
2593614May 5, 2023AlabamaTalladegaHowell Cove Rd10000
2591217May 7, 2023AlabamaHuntsville2105 Knight Rd SW10001
2590215May 5, 2023AlabamaOpelika900 block of Powledge Ave10001
2581468April 25, 2023AlabamaBirmingham4500 Richard Arrington Jr Blvd N11000
2589730May 4, 2023AlabamaMontgomery400 block of Mcginnis St10000
2589706May 1, 2023AlabamaGreensboro200 Block of Jones St10001
2587657May 1, 2023AlabamaMulga2nd St and Bayview Dr10001
2587196May 2, 2023AlabamaBirmingham2821 Sydney Dr10000
2586086April 29, 2023AlabamaMobile (Prichard)100 block of Barbour Dr10000
2585946May 1, 2023AlabamaCordova100 block of School St00100
2585935April 30, 2023AlabamaBirmingham3100 block of Steiner Ave SW01100
2584853April 29, 2023AlabamaSelma1324 E Highland Ave10002
2584640April 29, 2023AlabamaGrand Bay13750 Fred Freeland Rd00100
2582308April 26, 2023AlabamaBirmingham2129 31st St10000
2581491April 25, 2023AlabamaBessemer700 block of Parker Rd10001