Number of Deaths in 2019

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1311679January 25, 2019AlabamaMontgomery4500 block of Delray Rd10
1398553May 18, 2019AlabamaAtmore100 Martin Luther King Avenue18
1362417April 2, 2019AlabamaMontgomery3800 block of Cresta Cir11
1499992September 9, 2019AlabamaGulf Shores949 W Beach Blvd10
1321010February 5, 2019AlabamaKimberly600 block of Kimberly Estates Dr10
1419425June 10, 2019AlabamaPhenix City1604 20th Ave10
1370892April 14, 2019AlabamaMontgomery1300 block of S Perry St11
1504541September 14, 2019AlabamaGadsden500 block of 5900 US-41110
1335518February 25, 2019AlabamaBirmingham5900 block of Service Rd11
1427086June 20, 2019AlabamaBirmingham2132 46th Pl10
1380942April 26, 2019AlabamaBirmingham7901 Crestwood Blvd10
1519750October 4, 2019AlabamaPhenix City4503 Tupelo Dr10
1346971March 14, 2019AlabamaBirmingham23rd St S and 9th Ave S10
1438631July 3, 2019AlabamaAnniston1800 block of Moore St11
1387330May 4, 2019AlabamaTuskegee700 block of Warren Ave20
1520272October 5, 2019AlabamaBirmingham (Midfield)1500 block of Carol Cir10
1346992March 14, 2019AlabamaTuscaloosa1909 29th St11
1450863July 17, 2019AlabamaBirmingham25th St and 5th Ave N11
1392079May 10, 2019AlabamaHuntsville555 Executive Dr NW10
1520277October 5, 2019AlabamaBessemer2000 block of 9th Ave N10
1352735March 22, 2019AlabamaMobile (Prichard)Ossia Edwards Ave10
1456790July 23, 2019AlabamaBirmingham6700 block of Interlaken Ave10
1398065May 16, 2019AlabamaBirmingham7737 2nd Ave S10
1359044March 30, 2019AlabamaBessemerLongbrook Dr10
1491960August 30, 2019AlabamaLuverneQuail Tower Rd10