Number of Deaths in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1586136January 1, 2020AlabamaMc Calla (Lake View)21000 block of Tammie Dr10
1593483January 10, 2020AlabamaBirmingham5009 First Ave N10
1590064January 6, 2020AlabamaMobile1000 block of Hercules St10
1599395January 16, 2020AlabamaElba600 block of Putman St10
1586156January 1, 2020AlabamaBrentScottsville Rd and Martin Luther King Dr10
1593995January 11, 2020AlabamaWilmerStarlight Ave10
1590304January 5, 2020AlabamaBirmingham3838 39th Ct N11
1599405January 16, 2020AlabamaBirmingham800 block of 24th St10
1586685January 1, 2020AlabamaSheffield2202 W 17th St10
1594000January 11, 2020AlabamaMobile7600 Cottage Hill Rd10
1590332January 1, 2020AlabamaSumter (county)N/A12
1600018January 18, 2020AlabamaMontgomery2800 block of Vaughn Plaza Rd10
1589287January 5, 2020AlabamaElkmontSugar Way10
1594635January 12, 2020AlabamaDecatur3200 block of Modaus Rd10
1590674January 6, 2020AlabamaSaraland4165 North Aba Dr10
1600853January 18, 2020AlabamaMontgomery1500 block of Mobile Rd10
1589323January 4, 2020AlabamaArab4th St NE10
1595642January 13, 2020AlabamaBirmingham901 Coosa St10
1590751January 6, 2020AlabamaPhenix City19th St and First Ave11
1601824January 19, 2020AlabamaBirmingham930 5th Ave N10
1589643January 6, 2020AlabamaBirmingham4400 block of 9th Ave N10
1595671January 12, 2020AlabamaMontgomery5900 block of Monticello Dr10
1592277January 9, 2020AlabamaHuntsville2500 Lakefront Dr10
1589984January 6, 2020AlabamaMontgomery700 block of Coliseum Blvd10
1596352January 14, 2020AlabamaHuntsville3315 Dunn St SW10