Number of Deaths in 2024

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort ascendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2799473January 10, 2024IllinoisZion4200 block of Barberry Ln10001
2824437February 9, 2024FloridaZephyrhillsRuth Ave00100
2813048January 23, 2024TexasZavallaHutch Hopson Rd and Hopsonville Rd10001
2936905June 10, 2024ArizonaYumaS 3rd Ave and E 20th St10002
2804661January 13, 2024FloridaYulee85000 block of St John Ct10001
2889862April 25, 2024FloridaYulee96281 Green Pine Rd00100
2821732February 5, 2024OklahomaYukon11719 Hollyrock Ct10100
2887313April 22, 2024OklahomaYukon2804 Mirage St40100
2854968March 16, 2024CaliforniaYuba City1290 Northgate Dr11100
2916350May 20, 2024MichiganYpsilanti100 block of Russell Ct11000
2915389May 17, 2024MichiganYpsilanti1000 block of Nash Ave10001
2863623March 26, 2024MichiganYpsilanti928 W Michigan Ave10001
2920518May 23, 2024MichiganYpsilanti1400 block of Share Ave10000
2925348May 29, 2024OhioYoungstownConnecticut Ave and N Dunlap Ave10000
2930075June 3, 2024OhioYoungstown1400 block of Republic Ave10000
2936578June 9, 2024OhioYoungstownGlenwood Ave and W LaClede Ave10000
2937454June 11, 2024OhioYoungstown500 block of E Judson Ave10001
2939230June 12, 2024OhioYoungstown900 block of Steel St10000
2859299March 20, 2024OhioYoungstown50 block of Millet Ave11000
2828388February 13, 2024OhioYoungstownLogan Ave and Saranac Ave10000
2821004February 4, 2024OhioYoungstown300 block of S Truesdale Ave10000
2820998February 4, 2024OhioYoungstown520 St Louis Ave10000
2809006January 22, 2024OhioYoungstownErie St and E Evergreen Ave10001
2796281January 6, 2024OhioYoungstown (Boardman)Market St and Indianola Rd10001
2830170February 15, 2024PennsylvaniaYork1400 block of Clayoma Ave11001