Number of Deaths in 2018

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2283806May 26, 2018LouisianaAbbevilleS East St and 7th St10001
1045629February 7, 2018LouisianaAbbeville700 block of Hawthorne St10004
1114236May 11, 2018LouisianaAbbevilleN Bailey St and Clover St10000
1094610April 17, 2018LouisianaAbbeville200 block of Vermilion Street10000
1031381January 20, 2018WisconsinAbbotsford406 E Maple St21001
1174098July 28, 2018North CarolinaAberdeen106 Forest Place Dr00100
1028822January 15, 2018MississippiAberdeen735 W Short St10000
1213926September 20, 2018MarylandAberdeen1501 Perryman Rd33100
1158279July 5, 2018IdahoAberdeen2202 Dean Sub Rd10001
1153934July 1, 2018MarylandAberdeen200 block of Perrywood Ct10002
1072270March 17, 2018MississippiAberdeenN/A10000
1150096June 25, 2018TexasAbilene2400 block of Hardy St10001
1125515May 23, 2018TexasAbilene1900 Pine St10000
1076134March 23, 2018TexasAbilene4044 S 7th St00100
1191586August 18, 2018TexasAbilene709 Forrest Ave10001
1191595August 18, 2018TexasAbilene5100 block of Fairmont St10004
1195934August 25, 2018TexasAbilene2800 S 25th St00100
1201797September 1, 2018TexasAbilene4300 block of Don Juan St10002
1885075November 1, 2018TexasAbilene5400 block of S 7th St10001
1080639March 27, 2018KansasAbileneI-7000100
1170881July 20, 2018VirginiaAbingdon18128 Brekenridge Ct00100
1062109March 4, 2018PennsylvaniaAbington800 block of Jenkintown Rd00100
1130383May 29, 2018MississippiAckerman297 E Smith Rd00100
1224305October 3, 2018OklahomaAdaCounty Rd 353610001
1242533October 26, 2018OklahomaAda (Byng)High School Blvd and S Main St10001