Number of Deaths in 2018

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1022619January 7, 2018AlabamaMontgomery5840 Cherry Hill Rd10002
1030301January 11, 2018AlabamaFort Mitchell252 Sweetwater Branch Rd12001
1028650January 15, 2018AlabamaBirmingham4700 block of Carver Ave SW10000
1028408January 15, 2018AlabamaBrantleyN/A10000
1027387January 13, 2018AlabamaFairfield6400 Kelco Pl10000
1027020January 13, 2018AlabamaRussellville76 Ethan Ave10001
1026816January 11, 2018AlabamaMobile (Prichard)South Leeds Avenue10001
1026804January 14, 2018AlabamaEutaw809 Mesopotamia St14000
1026670January 13, 2018AlabamaBessemer800 block of Gary Ave10001
1025362January 11, 2018AlabamaBirmingham4165 5th Ct N10100
1024673January 9, 2018AlabamaMontgomery2300 block of Highland Ave10000
1024670January 6, 2018AlabamaHaynevilleSmith St11000
1024523January 9, 2018AlabamaSelma2500 block of Summerfield Rd10000
1018295January 1, 2018AlabamaHuntsville2025 Sparkman Dr NW13000
1022616January 7, 2018AlabamaGadsden2800 block of Shahan Ave10001
1022223January 7, 2018AlabamaSheffield900 block of E 17th St10001
1022067January 7, 2018AlabamaUnion SpringsUS-2915000
1021930January 6, 2018AlabamaMontgomery400 block of Maury St21001
1021922January 6, 2018AlabamaBirmingham4800 block of Vernon Pkwy00100
1021920January 6, 2018AlabamaBirmingham300 block of Robinson Dr10001
1021495January 4, 2018AlabamaGadsdenHoke St and Litchfield Ave10005
1020424January 3, 2018AlabamaAuburn800 block of N Gay St10001
1020414January 3, 2018AlabamaBirmingham1535 Warrior Rd00101
1019613January 2, 2018AlabamaMobile1300 block of Gulf Field Dr W10001
1018902January 1, 2018AlabamaBessemer (Concord)6400 block of William Dr10000