Number of Deaths in 2019

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1295963January 7, 2019AlabamaToney500 block of Carter Grove Rd10000
1308290January 22, 2019AlabamaLagrange100 block of Spring St10000
1306765January 20, 2019AlabamaMobile8350 Jeff Hamilton Road Extension10001
1305810January 19, 2019AlabamaDothan513 West Powell St10001
1304982January 18, 2019AlabamaBay MinetteAnderson Blvd10000
1303547January 16, 2019AlabamaHuntsville3001 Memorial Pkwy SW11100
1301688January 13, 2019AlabamaOrrvilleN/A10000
1300440January 13, 2019AlabamaMount VernonUS-4310001
1299491January 13, 2019AlabamaBirmingham700 block of 5th Ave N11012
1298712January 8, 2019AlabamaSelma400 block of Martin Luther King St11002
1297894January 10, 2019AlabamaEclecticMosley Dr00100
1297003January 8, 2019AlabamaMount VernonUS 4310001
1296463January 9, 2019AlabamaDora8500 block of Old Bagley Rd10100
1290876January 1, 2019AlabamaBirmingham2621 Ave C10000
1295161January 6, 2019AlabamaDadeville200 block of Centerpoint Rd10000
1294891January 6, 2019AlabamaMontgomery3900 block of Brewer Rd10000
1294247January 5, 2019AlabamaMobile (Prichard)521 E Elm St10000
1294224January 6, 2019AlabamaMobile1300 block of Athey Rd10001
1294209January 6, 2019AlabamaPhil Campbell194 Block Church Rd10001
1293256January 5, 2019AlabamaBirmingham2500 block of 16th St10001
1293254January 3, 2019AlabamaEnterprise300 block of Merriweather Rd10000
1292137January 3, 2019AlabamaAttalla240 Wesson Lake Rd12000
1291994January 3, 2019AlabamaElmoreAL-1400100
1291751January 3, 2019AlabamaMadisonI-565 and Zierdt Rd10001
1291740January 3, 2019AlabamaBirminghamParkway E10000