Number of Deaths in 2021

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1901588January 13, 2021AlabamaMontgomeryLongview Ct and Old Selma Rd10000
2113394January 11, 2021AlabamaBirminghamN/A10000
2031120January 6, 2021AlabamaTheodore6076 Sperry Rd11001
1948738January 8, 2021AlabamaMelvin9716 Melvin Rd11002
1905457January 17, 2021AlabamaMontgomery200 block of Bradley Dr10001
1904696January 17, 2021AlabamaBirmingham200 block of 62nd St S10001
1904515January 17, 2021AlabamaDothan900 block of Morris St10001
1903850January 15, 2021AlabamaMontgomery1800 block of Speigle St10001
1903132January 14, 2021AlabamaBirmingham4141 Pinson Valley Pkwy11001
1902618January 14, 2021AlabamaSeale30 Uchee Pines Rd10001
1902300January 10, 2021AlabamaMobile (Prichard)3119 St Stephens Rd10001
1902291January 13, 2021AlabamaMontgomery4600 block of Virginia Loop Rd10001
1901590January 11, 2021AlabamaBessemer2800 block of 12th Ave N10000
1892849January 1, 2021AlabamaBirmingham4000 block of 40th Ave N10001
1901556January 11, 2021AlabamaScottsboro24729 John T Reid Pkwy01100
1899896January 11, 2021AlabamaGadsden821 E Broad St10001
1898363January 9, 2021AlabamaHuntsville2600 block of Mountain Park Cir10002
1896940January 6, 2021AlabamaMobile2280 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ave20001
1894845January 3, 2021AlabamaMobile2000 block of Height St20001
1894749January 3, 2021AlabamaBirmingham2108 Warrior Rd10001
1894731January 2, 2021AlabamaMontgomeryPeabody Rd and Manasse Dr10001
1894710January 4, 2021AlabamaColumbiana1400 block of Mooney Rd00100
1893886January 3, 2021AlabamaBirmingham (Tarrant)1400 block of Elizabeth St10002
1893568January 3, 2021AlabamaPhenix City2000 block of 45th St10001
1893562January 2, 2021AlabamaPhenix City1700 block of Epworth St12000