Number of Injuries in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1637989March 9, 2020OhioAkron100 block of West Dalton Avenue01
1637992March 9, 2020OhioAkronWest Thornton Street01
1644602March 21, 2020OhioAkron765 Darrow Rd01
1648642March 28, 2020OhioAkron600 block of Brown St01
1653517April 4, 2020OhioAkron1100 block of Milton St01
1653901April 6, 2020OhioAkron800 block of Mercer Ave01
1653903April 6, 2020OhioAkronCopley Rd and East Ave03
1653910April 6, 2020OhioAkronLawton St and Mercer Ave01
1659666April 14, 2020OhioAkron900 block of Kenmore Blvd01
1667580April 24, 2020OhioAkron900 block of McKinley Ave01
1667584April 27, 2020OhioAkron1100 block of Arnold Ave01
1672232May 3, 2020OhioAkronWhittier Ave and Noble Ave01
1672404May 1, 2020OhioAkron2000 block of 20th St SW01
1672409May 3, 2020OhioAkron1034 Lovers Ln02
1675526May 7, 2020OhioAkron800 block of Wall St01
1686446May 21, 2020OhioAkronSylvan Ave and N Firestone Blvd01
1686450May 21, 2020OhioAkronRoyal Pl01
1686463May 21, 2020OhioAkron400 block of Bacon Ave01
1686466May 21, 2020OhioAkronW Long St and Edison Ave01
1690451May 25, 2020OhioAkron600 Block of Inman St01
1690453May 27, 2020OhioAkronKeys Pl and Ericsson Ave01
1692333May 28, 2020OhioAkron1400 block of Rockaway St01
1692335May 27, 2020OhioAkron800 Block of Work Dr01
1697381June 4, 2020OhioAkronW Long St01
1697412June 4, 2020OhioAkron100 block of Brighton Dr21