Number of Injuries in 2015

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
305587March 11, 2015South CarolinaAndersonWest Franklin Street04
308279March 11, 2015South CarolinaAndersonR Street02
314479March 29, 2015South CarolinaAnderson145 True Temper Road01
320002April 7, 2015South CarolinaAndersonCharlestowne Way12
321954April 12, 2015South CarolinaAnderson3416 Clemson Boulevard01
334195May 3, 2015South CarolinaAnderson110 Howard Lane01
345062May 21, 2015South CarolinaAnderson114 West Fredericks Street01
348558May 27, 2015IndianaAnderson803 S Madison Ave01
349548May 30, 2015South CarolinaAnderson200 block of Daniels Street01
352116June 3, 2015South CarolinaAndersonEast Street01
352118June 3, 2015South CarolinaAnderson101 Reaves Place01
292168February 10, 2015South CarolinaAndersonW Whitner St and Appleton St01
319990February 16, 2015South CarolinaAndersonWest Whitner Road01
357781June 14, 2015South CarolinaAnderson3442 Cinema Avenue01
367785July 3, 2015IndianaAnderson300 block of East 36th Street03
371715July 9, 2015South CarolinaAndersonWhiten Road01
394184August 13, 2015South CarolinaAndersonWenzick and West Whitner Street01
395802August 16, 2015IndianaAnderson1800 block of West 9th Street01
418386September 22, 2015South CarolinaAndersonEast Calhoun Street21
426879October 7, 2015South CarolinaAnderson3430 Clemson Blvd01
431650October 15, 2015IndianaAnderson2000 block of Jefferson Street01
451222November 21, 2015South CarolinaAndersonE Roosevelt Dr01
453357November 22, 2015South CarolinaAnderson3260 Abbeville Hwy12
453377November 23, 2015South CarolinaAndersonSanders St01
464637November 24, 2015South CarolinaAnderson243 Hwy 28 Bypass01