Number of Injuries in 2018

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
January 24, 2018OhioAkron940 North Howard St01
February 3, 2018OhioAkronS Main St and W Cedar St01
February 6, 2018OhioAkronN Valley St and Gold St01
February 2, 2018OhioAkronMcKinley Ave and Inman St01
February 20, 2018OhioAkron19th St SW02
February 23, 2018OhioAkronHamlin St and Wildwood Ave03
March 4, 2018OhioAkron2100 block of 4th Street SW01
March 11, 2018OhioAkronSt Leger Ave and Tonawanda Ave01
March 12, 2018OhioAkron1890 S Arlington St02
March 22, 2018OhioAkronMarks Ave and Brittain Rd01
April 6, 2018OhioAkron134 E Tallmadge Rd02
April 12, 2018OhioAkronE Market St and E Exchange St01
May 10, 2018OhioAkronBecker Ln and Dahlgren Dr01
May 9, 2018OhioAkronAustin Ave and Kelly Ave01
May 11, 2018OhioAkron900 block of Hemlock Hills Dr01
May 10, 2018OhioAkronRussell Ave and Oberlin St01
May 12, 2018OhioAkron1300 block of Manchester Dr11
May 12, 2018OhioAkron1100 block of Florida Ave03
May 20, 2018OhioAkron1200 block of Marcy St01
May 31, 2018OhioAkron1100 block of Keys Pl01
June 5, 2018OhioAkron1221 Everton Dr11
June 26, 2018OhioAkron800 block of Beardsley St01
July 1, 2018OhioAkron300 block of Pioneer St11
July 2, 2018OhioAkronOakdale Ave01
May 14, 2018OhioAkronE Exchange St01