Number of Injuries in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1618821February 10, 2020ColoradoAurora397 S Potomac Cir03
1624408February 18, 2020IllinoisAurora600 block of 2nd Ave01
1625090February 19, 2020IllinoisAurora600 block of S Broadway St01
1626694February 21, 2020ColoradoAuroraS Buckley Way and S Pagosa Cir01
1620769February 12, 2020GeorgiaAustell970 Ellison Ct02
1585823January 1, 2020TexasAustin302 E 6th St02
1588936January 5, 2020TexasAustinSan Felipe Blvd01
1593746January 10, 2020TexasAustin7800 block of Wynne Ln01
1593752January 10, 2020TexasAustin1190 Airport Blvd01
1593764January 11, 2020TexasAustin4900 Mueller Blvd01
1594729January 10, 2020TexasAustin800 block of Prairie Trail01
1594922January 11, 2020TexasAustin5700 block of Manor Rd01
1595910January 11, 2020TexasAustin1600 block of E Parmer Ln01
1600654January 19, 2020TexasAustin2400 block of Longview St01
1601805January 20, 2020TexasAustin2121 E Oltorf St02
1624089February 17, 2020TexasAustin7020 Grand Canyon Dr11
1624371February 16, 2020TexasAustin6215 FM 96902
1624710February 18, 2020TexasAustin5401 E Parmer Ln21
1626666February 22, 2020TexasAustin505 Neches St01
1599931January 18, 2020LouisianaBaker1600 block of Davis St01
1596566January 13, 2020OregonBaker City3100 H St11
1602447January 20, 2020OregonBaker City3100 block of H St11
1618250February 9, 2020CaliforniaBakersfield4200 Teal St01
1594583January 11, 2020CaliforniaBaldwin Park3216 Baldwin Park Blvd11
1610255January 30, 2020CaliforniaBaldwin Park13758 Los Angeles St01