Number of Injuries in 2018

Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
June 26, 2018AlabamaBirmingham8000 block of 4th Ave01
April 28, 2018AlabamaBirminghamN/A01
October 20, 2018AlabamaMobile1700 block of Raven Dr12
January 24, 2018AlabamaScottsboroWann Lane01
July 31, 2018AlabamaMobile139 S Sage Ave03
April 11, 2018AlabamaMobile3900 Pleasant Valley Rd01
February 1, 2018AlabamaBirmingham1300 block of 45th St01
August 1, 2018AlabamaBessemer500 block of 7th St S01
May 15, 2018AlabamaDecatur600 block of 2nd Ave SE01
February 5, 2018AlabamaMobileJessie Street01
August 18, 2018AlabamaMobile1800 block of Phillips Ln01
May 23, 2018AlabamaCollegeville3000 block of N 32nd Ave02
February 7, 2018AlabamaMontgomeryStephens Street and Westcott Street01
March 23, 2018AlabamaDecatur1242 Beltline Rd SW01
August 28, 2018AlabamaHuntsville1619 Pulaski Pike NW01
May 30, 2018AlabamaMobile800 block of Trailwood Dr02
March 28, 2018AlabamaBessemerCarolina Terrace01
September 15, 2018AlabamaHuntsvilleMarie Ave01
June 12, 2018AlabamaHuntsville1300 Oshaughnessy Ave NE01
April 1, 2018AlabamaBirminghamN/A01
October 2, 2018AlabamaMobile1200 block of Springhill Ave01
July 10, 2018AlabamaMobile1401 Knollwood Dr01
April 9, 2018AlabamaHuntsville1901 Sparkman Dr NW01
October 4, 2018AlabamaAlbertvilleHighpoint Rd and Oneonta Cut-Off Rd01
July 20, 2018AlabamaBirmingham800 block of Center St N01