Number of Injuries in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort ascendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1724027July 3, 2020MarylandWindsor Mill50 block of Flaxton Ct01
1733338July 12, 2020MarylandWindsor Mill3500 block of Derby Shire Cir01
1728595July 7, 2020ColoradoWindsor7645 Westgate Dr01
1650442March 31, 2020CaliforniaWinchester34000 block of Shallot Dr01
1692408May 26, 2020KentuckyWinchester250 Oxford Dr01
1605015January 24, 2020North CarolinaWilson817 Rountree St01
1648479March 30, 2020PennsylvaniaWilsonN 17th St and Liberty St11
1589302January 5, 2020North CarolinaWilmington1010 S 4th St11
1590278January 6, 2020North CarolinaWilmington1500 block of Honeybee Ln01
1593934January 11, 2020North CarolinaWilmington1000 block of Chestnut St01
1594209January 12, 2020DelawareWilmington700 block of N Spruce St01
1598845January 16, 2020DelawareWilmington400 block of Queen St01
1600085January 18, 2020DelawareWilmington2700 block of N Claymont St01
1600935January 19, 2020DelawareWilmington1200 block of Chestnut St01
1600937January 19, 2020DelawareWilmington400 block of N Spruce St01
1600969January 18, 2020North CarolinaWilmington1000 block of Orange St01
1604423January 23, 2020DelawareWilmington300 block of Woodlawn Ave01
1605749January 25, 2020DelawareWilmington800 block of West St01
1609050January 29, 2020DelawareWilmington600 block of E 6th St01
1612664February 2, 2020DelawareWilmington50 block of W 27th St01
1619076February 11, 2020DelawareWilmington800 block of N Adams St01
1619792February 11, 2020DelawareWilmington300 block of N Broom St01
1622249February 15, 2020DelawareWilmington2300 block of Pine St01
1623621February 18, 2020DelawareWilmington1100 block of Chestnut St01
1624360February 18, 2020DelawareWilmington1800 block of W 6th St01