Number of Injuries in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1640300March 14, 2020AlaskaAnchorage1300 block of Denali St01
1648166March 28, 2020AlaskaAnchorageBeaver Place01
1656373April 8, 2020AlaskaAnchorage10600 block of Elmore Rd04
1656375April 8, 2020AlaskaAnchorageN/A01
1682128May 14, 2020AlaskaAnchorage4600 block of Mountain View Dr01
1588399January 4, 2020South CarolinaAnderson3027 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd01
1605360January 24, 2020IndianaAnderson1500 block of Nichol Ave01
1631855February 29, 2020South CarolinaAnderson1700 block of W Whitner St01
1632254March 1, 2020South CarolinaAndersonCrestview Dr01
1642752March 20, 2020South CarolinaAndersonWinchester Dr01
1661827April 18, 2020South CarolinaAndersonHunters Ln01
1666020April 24, 2020South CarolinaAndersonR St01
1668664April 29, 2020South CarolinaAndersonLakeshore Dr02
1675646May 8, 2020South CarolinaAndersonClemson Blvd02
1712673June 20, 2020South CarolinaAnderson3425 S Murray Ave02
1717038June 24, 2020South CarolinaAndersonW Hampton St01
1617687February 7, 2020MichiganAnn Arbor600 Hidden Valley Club Dr01
1709320June 17, 2020MichiganAnn Arbor2900 block of Packard St01
1619107February 10, 2020MarylandAnnapolis400 block of Ruffian Ct01
1619801February 11, 2020MarylandAnnapolis1100 block of Madison St01
1655254April 8, 2020MarylandAnnapolis1000 block of Monroe St02
1666815April 26, 2020MarylandAnnapolisWest St01
1669305April 29, 2020MarylandAnnapolis1300 block of Tyler Ave02
1714212June 22, 2020MarylandAnnapolis50 block of Decatur Ave01
1726570July 5, 2020MarylandAnnapolis1600 block of Cananaro Dr11