Number of Injuries in 2019

Incident IDsort descendingIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1292327January 3, 2019FloridaTitusville400 block of South Park Ave01
1292340January 1, 2019IllinoisCentraliaE Rasback St01
1292420January 1, 2019IllinoisEdwardsvilleN/A01
1292435January 3, 2019South CarolinaPickens100 block of McJunkin Road11
1292444January 3, 2019FloridaHollywood (Miramar)12328 Miramar Pkwy01
1292447January 3, 2019FloridaFort Lauderdale18 NW First Ave01
1292455January 4, 2019FloridaMiamiNW 29th Ct and NW 76th St02
1292458January 4, 2019FloridaOcala1633 SW Fifth Ave01
1292460January 4, 2019MissouriSaint Louis4903 Goodfellow Blvd01
1292475January 4, 2019NebraskaGering1955 1/2 3rd St01
1292483January 4, 2019FloridaNokomis3445 Rustic Rd01
1292486January 4, 2019MississippiColumbus1100 College St01
1292489January 4, 2019New YorkYonkersWarburton Ave01
1292501January 3, 2019FloridaTallahasseeSapphire Dr01
1292504January 4, 2019TexasSan Antonio5242 Rigsby Ave01
1292531January 3, 2019TexasLubbock5700 block of 50th St01
1292548January 4, 2019TexasHouston200 W 44th St13
1292556January 4, 2019OhioPainesville300 block of St Clair St01
1292569January 4, 2019TennesseeNashville2511 Clarksville Pike01
1292588January 3, 2019TennesseeNashville12th Ave S and Wedgewood Ave01
1292595January 3, 2019ArkansasFort SmithN/A01
1292604January 3, 2019TennesseeHermitage5610 Old Hickory Blvd01
1292617January 3, 2019New YorkBuffaloWoodlawn Ave01
1292621January 4, 2019PennsylvaniaHarrisburg1410 S 15th St01
1292646January 3, 2019GeorgiaColumbus900 block of Brown Ave01