Number of Injuries in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1648810March 29, 2020MississippiAbbevilleCounty Rd 10601
1651062April 2, 2020LouisianaAbbeville300 block of Dutel St11
1623688February 16, 2020WisconsinAbbotsford409 Swamp Buck Dr01
1604689January 24, 2020TexasAbilene700 block of Plum St01
1618095February 9, 2020GeorgiaAcworth450 Waldan Cir01
1627489February 23, 2020CaliforniaAdelanto11540 Chamberlaine Way21
1589576January 5, 2020AlabamaAdger10000 block of Camp Oliver Rd01
1591936January 8, 2020MichiganAdrianN/A01
1586941January 1, 2020OhioAkron200 block of Arch St01
1592415January 8, 2020OhioAkron700 block of Noah Ave11
1608714January 28, 2020OhioAkron1414 Copley Rd01
1623479February 16, 2020OhioAkron1100 block of Taylor St01
1625687February 20, 2020OhioAkron100 block of Tate Terrace01
1633262March 1, 2020OhioAkron1200 block of Virginia Avenue01
1634598March 4, 2020OhioAkronBrittain Rd and Preston Ave01
1637989March 9, 2020OhioAkron100 block of West Dalton Avenue01
1637992March 9, 2020OhioAkronWest Thornton Street01
1644602March 21, 2020OhioAkron765 Darrow Rd01
1648642March 28, 2020OhioAkron600 block of Brown St01
1586780January 1, 2020GeorgiaAlbany525 Don Cutler Sr Dr01
1594381January 11, 2020New YorkAlbanyN Swan St and Third St01
1594383January 10, 2020New YorkAlbanyN Swan St and Second St01
1599266January 16, 2020New YorkAlbanyFirst St and Lexington Ave01
1599268January 16, 2020New YorkAlbanyBonheim St01
1616781February 2, 2020OregonAlbany1000 block of 18th Ave SE01