Number of Injuries in 2019

Incident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
January 6, 2019AlabamaNorthport3308 15th St01
January 10, 2019AlabamaBirminghamPearson Ave01
February 21, 2019AlabamaPinson8500 block of Taylor Dr01
January 2, 2019AlabamaBirmingham25th St01
January 31, 2019AlabamaHuntsville2120 Sparkman Dr NW01
January 3, 2019AlabamaMobileN/A01
January 3, 2019AlabamaMontgomery800 block of N Gap Loop01
January 3, 2019AlabamaAttalla240 Wesson Lake Rd12
February 4, 2019AlabamaOpelika1775 Hurst St01
January 13, 2019AlabamaBirmingham719 5th St12
January 3, 2019AlabamaBirmingham200 block of 15th Ave W01
February 6, 2019AlabamaBirmingham500 block of 41st Place01
January 15, 2019AlabamaMobile2305 Costarides St01
January 3, 2019AlabamaBirmingham (Tarrant)1300 block of Park Ave01
February 7, 2019AlabamaMontgomeryVaughn Rd01
January 22, 2019AlabamaBirmingham2701 1st Ave S01
January 3, 2019AlabamaHuntsville6214 Melrose Rd NW01
February 12, 2019AlabamaBessemerCarriage House Rd02
January 24, 2019AlabamaBirmingham1800 block of Pebble Lake Dr01
January 27, 2019AlabamaHuntsville2800 block of Cora Hill Ave01
January 5, 2019AlabamaBessemer (Brighton)3597 Jaybird Rd02
February 13, 2019AlabamaHuntsvilleBeech Ave01
January 27, 2019AlabamaHuntsville3705 Drake Ave SW01
January 5, 2019AlabamaMobile2300 block of Costarides St02
February 13, 2019AlabamaBirmingham1100 block of 14th St N11