Number of Injuries in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1588072January 3, 2020AlabamaFairfield636 Bessemer Super Highway01
1619737February 11, 2020AlabamaDecatur2500 Spring Ave SW01
1602565January 21, 2020AlabamaBirmingham1600 block of 90th Pl N02
1640832March 17, 2020AlabamaDothan100 block of Due W Ct11
1588087January 3, 2020AlabamaBirmingham67th St S and Interlaken Ave01
1619975February 8, 2020AlabamaGadsden100 block of Washington Ave01
1604352January 23, 2020AlabamaBirmingham2800 block of 13th Ave N01
1641456March 17, 2020AlabamaBirmingham100 block of 17th Ave NW01
1588096January 3, 2020AlabamaMontgomery200 block of Canna Dr01
1621737February 14, 2020AlabamaTuscaloosa20th St and Dinah Washington Ave01
1606305January 26, 2020AlabamaTuscaloosa3200 block of Hope Blvd02
1642570March 19, 2020AlabamaTuscaloosa120 15th St E01
1598580January 15, 2020AlabamaAthensAretha St01
1621755February 14, 2020AlabamaBirminghamDelta St01
1611682February 1, 2020AlabamaFairfield7201 Aaron Aronov Dr01
1647136March 27, 2020AlabamaHuntsvilleJordan Ln and Holmes Ave01
1598622January 16, 2020AlabamaMobile5676 Tillmans Corner Pkwy01
1634701February 23, 2020AlabamaTuscaloosa1750 40th Ave01
1616191February 6, 2020AlabamaChoccolocco3400 block of Choccolocco Rd01
1650550April 2, 2020AlabamaBirmingham (Ensley)5th Way01
1599950January 18, 2020AlabamaDothanWoods Dr01
1636711March 9, 2020AlabamaOpelika1000 block of Samford Ct01
1617929February 8, 2020AlabamaBirmingham (Vestavia Hills)4400 block of Old Overton Rd11
1601966January 18, 2020AlabamaDothan1400 block of Selma St01
1637178March 9, 2020AlabamaBirmingham85th St N and 3rd Ave N02