Number of Injuries in 2014

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
100885January 26, 2014AlabamaVestavia Hills1800 block of Laurel Road 01
186787August 31, 2014AlabamaMontgomery6500 block of South Hampton Drive 01
142526May 31, 2014AlabamaDecatur8th street and Danville Road 01
226247November 27, 2014AlabamaMobile3900 block of Wood Drive 11
103122January 31, 2014AlabamaMadisonChestnut Drive01
186821August 25, 2014AlabamaTuscaloosa48th Street01
158024July 10, 2014AlabamaHuntsville2700 block of Atlantic Street 01
262958December 10, 2014AlabamaHuntsvilleSparkman Drive01
112602March 6, 2014AlabamaHuntsville11700 Memorial Parkway02
197195September 26, 2014AlabamaTuscaloosa2700 block of 18th Street01
158274July 10, 2014AlabamaLismanN/A01
265315December 12, 2014AlabamaAnniston200 block of South Wilmer Avenue11
124739April 9, 2014AlabamaDecatur324 Cardinal Drive01
199404September 28, 2014AlabamaBirmingham1700 block of Warrior Road01
161279July 16, 2014AlabamaAxis13191 North Forest Drive W01
265322December 12, 2014AlabamaSelma400 block of Water Avenue01
125504March 25, 2014AlabamaFairfield6900 block of Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard01
199457September 28, 2014AlabamaMontgomery1500 block of Jackson Ferry Road01
179889August 20, 2014AlabamaHuntsvilleAutumnwood Drive 01
270091December 22, 2014AlabamaDecatur1202 Brookline Ave02
127601April 18, 2014AlabamaHuntsvilleSouth Memorial Parkway01
211206October 19, 2014AlabamaMontgomery2700 block of Highland Avenue 01
183002August 28, 2014AlabamaEnsley40th Street and Pike Road01
134983May 5, 2014AlabamaHuntsville2200 block of Evans Avenue01
225514November 26, 2014AlabamaHuntsvilleLaurelwood Lane01