Number of Injuries in 2019

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1388330May 4, 2019LouisianaAbbevilleMartin Luther King Jr Dr01000
2246475December 28, 2019South CarolinaAbbeville101 S Main St01001
1587267December 30, 2019LouisianaAbbevilleN/A01000
1519512October 3, 2019South CarolinaAbbevilleAdams Dr01001
1429338June 23, 2019South CarolinaAbbeville1108 Cambridge St31001
1363226April 3, 2019LouisianaAbbeville600 block of N Gertrude St01000
1350223March 12, 2019LouisianaAbbevilleN Bailey St and Clover St01001
1323743February 9, 2019South CarolinaAbbeville1108 Cambridge St01000
1320970February 5, 2019LouisianaAbbeville800 block of Dutel St01000
1455116July 22, 2019MississippiAberdeen307 Hardy St01000
1292817January 3, 2019MississippiAberdeen401 Hardy St01002
1315294January 27, 2019WashingtonAberdeen1000 block of Ash St02003
1534092October 24, 2019WashingtonAberdeen500 block of E First St00011
1428796June 21, 2019TexasAbileneS 7th St01001
1291174January 2, 2019TexasAbilene3600 block of Duke Ln02001
1431464June 24, 2019TexasAbilene5300 block of N 9th St01000
1347702March 14, 2019TexasAbilene800 block of Forrest Ave01001
1482016August 16, 2019TexasAbilene4782 S 14th St01001
1319690February 3, 2019TexasAbilene800 block of Victoria St01001
1521952October 7, 2019TexasAbilene6149 Texas Ave01002
1383977April 28, 2019TexasAbilene500 block of E N 18th St00011
1546168November 8, 2019TexasAbilene3602 Rolling Green Dr01001
1367425April 6, 2019TexasAbilene1200 block of Sunset Dr01000
1350753March 19, 2019TexasAbilene3501 N 6th St01000
1581645December 27, 2019VirginiaAccomac22255 Daugherty Rd03000