Number of Injuries in 2021

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
1903132January 14, 2021AlabamaBirmingham4141 Pinson Valley Pkwy11001
1909071January 22, 2021AlabamaBirmingham (Hoover)3900 Galleria Woods Dr01001
1909068January 6, 2021AlabamaBirmingham (Hoover)100 Tyler Cir01001
1908286January 15, 2021AlabamaTuscaloosa20000 block of AL-17101001
1907370January 21, 2021AlabamaAtmore23000 block of Sims Rd01000
1907014January 20, 2021AlabamaMobile400 S Beltline Hwy01000
1906571January 19, 2021AlabamaBirmingham1500 block of 35th St Ensley01000
1906569January 19, 2021AlabamaBirminghamAve W01000
1905610January 16, 2021AlabamaMobile3206 Dauphin St01000
1905467January 18, 2021AlabamaMontgomery2800 block of Eastern Blvd01001
1905460January 18, 2021AlabamaMontgomery1800 block of Winona Ave01000
1903853January 15, 2021AlabamaTuscaloosa3000 block of Elm St02001
1903135January 14, 2021AlabamaMontgomery900 block of S Lawrence St01000
1892491January 1, 2021AlabamaHuntsville6400 block of University Dr01000
1903129January 15, 2021AlabamaBirmingham3300 block of Ishkooda-Wenonah Rd01001
1901556January 11, 2021AlabamaScottsboro24729 John T Reid Pkwy01100
1899299January 8, 2021AlabamaPhenix City100 block of 17th Ave S02000
1898241January 9, 2021AlabamaBirmingham3500 block of Polo Parc Ct01000
1897873January 8, 2021AlabamaHuntsville2004 Airport Rd SW01000
1897739January 8, 2021AlabamaAtmore4740 Jack Springs Rd00010
1896791January 7, 2021AlabamaHuntsvilleGovernors Dr SW and Seminole Dr SW01000
1896293January 6, 2021AlabamaBirmingham900 block of 20th St Ensley01000
1894949January 4, 2021AlabamaHuntsvilleTimbercrest Dr01000
1894721January 4, 2021AlabamaBirmingham100 3rd Ave N01000
1893562January 2, 2021AlabamaPhenix City1700 block of Epworth St12000