Number of Injuries in 2023

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2502020January 13, 2023AlabamaMobile931 Dunlap Cir01000
2507155January 19, 2023AlabamaMobile6951 Dickens Ferry Rd01001
2507152January 19, 2023AlabamaMobile1000 block of Baltimore St01000
2507146January 20, 2023AlabamaBirmingham1573 Bessemer Rd02002
2506446January 19, 2023AlabamaBirmingham900 block of 47th Pl N01000
2506440January 19, 2023AlabamaFairfield6700 block of Forest Dr01000
2505761January 17, 2023AlabamaDouble SpringsUS-278 and Blake Dr01011
2504675January 13, 2023AlabamaVernonTower Rd01001
2504458January 14, 2023AlabamaEufaulaS Eufaula Ave01001
2504016January 15, 2023AlabamaBirmingham1381 Bessemer Rd01000
2504014January 16, 2023AlabamaBirmingham24th St N and 20th Ave N01000
2502917January 15, 2023AlabamaBirmingham100 block of 4th Ave N11000
2502902January 15, 2023AlabamaTuscaloosa400 block of Grace St10011
2493451January 2, 2023AlabamaHuntsville3200 block of Lodge Rd02000
2501088January 11, 2023AlabamaDothan900 block of E Selma St01000
2500625January 11, 2023AlabamaVincent500 block of Phillips Dr00010
2498477January 6, 2023AlabamaAndalusia9th St00011
2497948January 7, 2023AlabamaHuntsville2817 Hwy 72 E29003
2497305January 5, 2023AlabamaMobile100 block of Gorgas St01000
2496576January 4, 2023AlabamaEufaulaRandolph Ave01000
2496573January 5, 2023AlabamaMontgomery1000 block of David Dr02003
2496570January 4, 2023AlabamaMobileGrelot Rd01001
2495784January 3, 2023AlabamaMontgomery2800 block of Chatwood St12000
2494116January 2, 2023AlabamaBirmingham100 block of 59th St N11000
2494083January 3, 2023AlabamaMobile1000 block of Government St01000