Number of Injuries in 2023

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects Arrestedsort descendingOperations
2492395January 1, 2023IndianaIndianapolis917 N Grant Ave01000
2492487January 1, 2023MichiganDetroit7700 block of Central Ave02000
2492475January 1, 2023NevadaReno133 N Virginia St01000
2492470January 1, 2023MassachusettsBoston1601 Blue Hill Ave11000
2492465January 1, 2023MichiganDetroitE Warren Ave and Outer Dr E12000
2492445January 1, 2023MichiganGrand RapidsN/A01000
2492443January 1, 2023MichiganGrand RapidsNeland Ave SE and Thomas St SE01000
2492441January 1, 2023MichiganGrand RapidsDivision Ave S and Rose St SW01000
2492418January 1, 2023IndianaIndianapolis2400 block of Centennial St01000
2492416January 1, 2023DelawareWilmington700 block of N Monroe St01000
2492412January 1, 2023IndianaIndianapolis2215 Pleasant St01000
2492402January 1, 2023IndianaIndianapolis1510 E Naomi St01000
2492397January 1, 2023IndianaIndianapolis1019 Denison St01000
2492207January 1, 2023New YorkRochesterClifford Ave01000
2492373January 1, 2023KentuckyLexington600 block of Tennessee Ave03000
2492351January 1, 2023GeorgiaAtlantaPeachtree St and Wall St01000
2492342January 1, 2023IllinoisChicago6500 block of S Paulina St01000
2492339January 1, 2023IllinoisChicago5200 block of S May St01000
2492328January 1, 2023MarylandClinton2500 block of Lazy Acres Rd12000
2492248January 1, 2023IllinoisChicago1306 S Independence Blvd01000
2492246January 1, 2023IllinoisChicagoW 114th Pl and S Racine Ave01000
2492244January 1, 2023IllinoisChicagoN/A01000
2492242January 1, 2023IllinoisChicago4804 W Madison St01000
2492240January 1, 2023IllinoisChicagoN/A01000
2492217January 1, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia3400 block of Salmon St01000