Number of Injuries in 2023

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects Killedsort descendingSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
2492342January 1, 2023IllinoisChicago6500 block of S Paulina St01000
2492445January 1, 2023MichiganGrand RapidsN/A01000
2492443January 1, 2023MichiganGrand RapidsNeland Ave SE and Thomas St SE01000
2492441January 1, 2023MichiganGrand RapidsDivision Ave S and Rose St SW01000
2492418January 1, 2023IndianaIndianapolis2400 block of Centennial St01000
2492416January 1, 2023DelawareWilmington700 block of N Monroe St01000
2492412January 1, 2023IndianaIndianapolis2215 Pleasant St01000
2492402January 1, 2023IndianaIndianapolis1510 E Naomi St01000
2492397January 1, 2023IndianaIndianapolis1019 Denison St01000
2492395January 1, 2023IndianaIndianapolis917 N Grant Ave01000
2492373January 1, 2023KentuckyLexington600 block of Tennessee Ave03000
2492351January 1, 2023GeorgiaAtlantaPeachtree St and Wall St01000
2492348January 1, 2023MarylandBaltimore700 block of N Glover St11001
2492207January 1, 2023New YorkRochesterClifford Ave01000
2492339January 1, 2023IllinoisChicago5200 block of S May St01000
2492328January 1, 2023MarylandClinton2500 block of Lazy Acres Rd12000
2492317January 1, 2023IllinoisChicago2123 W Division St11001
2492314January 1, 2023OhioColumbus2830 Johnstown Rd14002
2492286January 1, 2023OklahomaOklahoma City421 NW 10th St14002
2492248January 1, 2023IllinoisChicago1306 S Independence Blvd01000
2492246January 1, 2023IllinoisChicagoW 114th Pl and S Racine Ave01000
2492244January 1, 2023IllinoisChicagoN/A01000
2492242January 1, 2023IllinoisChicago4804 W Madison St01000
2492240January 1, 2023IllinoisChicagoN/A01000
2492217January 1, 2023PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia3400 block of Salmon St01000