Officer Shot or Killed

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1216239September 23, 2018MassachusettsBoston89 W Springfield St01
1034452January 24, 2018MichiganUnion CityArbogast Road12
1082816April 1, 2018MichiganJackson943 Chittock Ave12
1035110January 24, 2018MichiganDetroit5500 block of McDougall St10
1047761February 11, 2018MichiganDetroit19432 Lamont St43
1163166July 13, 2018MichiganLake CityW Lotan Rd11
1103599April 29, 2018MichiganFowlerville5000 block of Hogback Rd02
1131477June 2, 2018MinnesotaMantorville257th Ave01
1167391July 19, 2018MinnesotaSouth Saint Paul500 block of 12th Ave N02
1144067June 18, 2018MississippiHattiesburgLexington Dr02
1220401September 29, 2018MississippiBrookhaven630 North 6th Street21
1048452February 12, 2018MississippiClevelandBeamon Drive02
1060156February 28, 2018MississippiJacksonEl Paso St01
1156361July 4, 2018MissouriSaint Charles1400 block of S 5th St01
1102051April 27, 2018MissouriSaint Louis4621 Beck Ave02
1163876July 15, 2018MissouriKansas City8300 E US Hwy 4013
1119898May 18, 2018MissouriWarsawMain St and Seminary St02
1259284November 19, 2018MissouriBenton (county)N/A01
1057993February 26, 2018MissouriSaint Louis10331 Durness Dr11
1166241July 18, 2018MissouriMansfieldN/A02
1262526November 25, 2018MissouriHazelwoodI-270 and N Lindbergh Blvd02
1064221March 6, 2018MissouriClinton306 W Grandriver St22
1167496July 19, 2018MissouriPoplar BluffN/A02
1208419September 11, 2018NebraskaOmahaN 30th St and Laurel Ave02
1135488June 7, 2018NebraskaColumbus3410 16th St02