Subject-Suspect-Perpetrator Shot or Killed

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddress# Killedsort descending# InjuredOperations
1588629January 4, 2020TexasDesoto500 block of Meadow Hill Dr01
1670022April 30, 2020FloridaQuincy64 N Cleveland St01
1644135March 23, 2020TexasTexarkanaNorth Robinson Road and College Drive01
1630590February 28, 2020FloridaOrlandoN Econlockhatchee Trail01
1687120May 24, 2020North CarolinaWaxhaw4000 Block of New Town Rd01
1593649January 11, 2020KentuckyWarbranch400 block of Middle Fork Rd02
1671489May 2, 2020KentuckyFrankfortHiawatha Trl01
1650799April 2, 2020MississippiHorn LakeGoodman Rd and US-5101
1633434March 1, 2020New MexicoJamestown1 Giant Crossing01
1688321May 25, 2020GeorgiaAtlantaJackson Street and Highland Ave01
1601628January 20, 2020PennsylvaniaSlippery RockCopper Rd01
1673994May 6, 2020PennsylvaniaStroudsburg300 block of Main St01
1663054April 21, 2020IndianaLafayette629 N 6th St01
1634978March 5, 2020CaliforniaLos AngelesI-21001
1690098May 27, 2020CaliforniaHaywardBahama Ave and Sleepy Hollow Ave01
1603190January 22, 2020WashingtonSeattle3rd Ave. and Blanchard St01
1678019May 12, 2020FloridaOkeechobeeNW 36th St and NW 37th Ave01
1666433April 24, 2020GeorgiaAmericus346 Mc Math Mill Rd01
1639881March 14, 2020ArkansasTexarkanaI-3001
1605806January 26, 2020MississippiTunica1433 US-6101
1681869May 17, 2020OhioBryan1000 block of Ney Williams Center Rd01
1667974April 27, 2020North CarolinaSeagrove1600 block of Chrisco Rd W01
1642921March 20, 2020GeorgiaForest Park228 Morrow Rd01
1607632January 28, 2020OklahomaComancheOK-5302
1683350May 19, 2020KentuckyLouisville6900 block of Bardstown Rd02