Subject-Suspect-Perpetrator Shot or Killed

Incident IDIncident Datesort descendingStateCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1602565January 21, 2020AlabamaBirmingham1600 block of 90th Pl N02
1602644January 21, 2020WisconsinMenasha810 W Grove St10
1602506January 21, 2020New MexicoAlbuquerqueI-2501
1602981January 21, 2020North CarolinaAurora48 Austin Rd20
1602331January 21, 2020KansasRush CenterK-9601
1601944January 21, 2020TexasDenton201 Inman St10
1603819January 22, 2020TexasMidland2009 E Pine Ave02
1603575January 22, 2020ArizonaMesaS Extension Rd and W Southern Ave10
1603634January 22, 2020ColoradoAurora16363 E Fremont Ave01
1603774January 22, 2020CaliforniaSan Mateo (Foster City)700 Marlin Ave01
1603602January 22, 2020CaliforniaLivermoreAirway Blvd and I-58001
1603190January 22, 2020WashingtonSeattle3rd Ave. and Blanchard St01
1604081January 22, 2020NebraskaLouisville9356 Raven Dr01
1603425January 22, 2020OklahomaOklahoma City (Moore)NW 27th St and N Shields Blvd10
1604060January 22, 2020ColoradoArvada56th Ave and Marshall St10
1604191January 23, 2020KansasMatfield GreenI-3501
1604036January 23, 2020MissouriFenton1800 block of Charity Ct21
1604327January 23, 2020AlabamaJasperI-2201
1604336January 23, 2020New JerseyBloomingdaleMathews Dr and Pleasant View Ave10
1608177January 23, 2020AlaskaPalmerPalmer Wasilla Hwy10
1604362January 23, 2020TexasHarlingen2100 block of Hale Ave01
1603726January 23, 2020FloridaFort PierceMura Dr and King Orange Dr01
1604534January 23, 2020FloridaSaint Petersburg2222 36th St S10
1604288January 23, 2020GeorgiaSavannah700 block of E 34th St10
1604231January 23, 2020GeorgiaAtlantaWylie St and Leslie St10