Teens Killed or Injured in 2019

Incident IDIncident Datesort ascendingStateCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1482265August 18, 2019WisconsinMilwaukee3800 block of W Roosevelt Dr01
1482234August 18, 2019NevadaSun Valley5800 block of Sidehill Dr21
1482858August 18, 2019MissouriSaint Louis1300 block of Hogan St11
1482199August 18, 2019MissouriKansas City770 W 47th St04
1482476August 18, 2019KentuckyLexingtonVenetian Circle and Appian Way01
1482538August 18, 2019TexasLaredo1700 block of Callaghan St12
1481942August 17, 2019OhioCincinnati6409 Simpson Ave10
1482391August 17, 2019MichiganMuskegon381 E Laketon Ave10
1482179August 17, 2019GeorgiaAtlantaClaire Dr SE and Olive St SE02
1481503August 17, 2019IllinoisChicago3700 block of W Thomas St02
1482414August 17, 2019OhioCincinnati700 block of Hopkins St10
1481499August 17, 2019IllinoisChicago9200 block of S Ellis Ave01
1482040August 17, 2019KentuckyLexingtonShropshire Ave and Goodloe St01
1481856August 16, 2019DelawareWilmington13th St and Thatcher St01
1480935August 16, 2019MinnesotaMinneapolis3200 block of N Lyndale Ave10
1480737August 16, 2019MarylandBaltimore1800 block of N Castle St02
1480718August 16, 2019DelawareWilmington1300 block of Banning St01
1482601August 16, 2019LouisianaNew IberiaAudrey St and Rene St10
1479894August 15, 2019PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia5800 block of N 15th St05
1480039August 15, 2019DelawareWilmingtonE 23rd St and Pine St01
1479662August 15, 2019OhioCanton7th St and McKinley Monument Dr NW01
1479320August 14, 2019CaliforniaOntario1700 block of East G St01
1481218August 14, 2019PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia2300 block of Bambrey Terrace10
1479826August 14, 2019IndianaEvansville3305 Pollack Ave01
1480416August 14, 2019South CarolinaFort Mill2300 Forest Ridge Dr02