Teens Killed or Injured in 2014

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
194281September 21, 2014AlaskaAnchorageO'Brien St and E 68th Ave01000
152310June 29, 2014IndianaAnderson1935 E 53rd St01002
157172July 10, 2014MarylandAnnapolis1900 block of Copeland Street01000
223990November 23, 2014MarylandAnnapolis60 College Ave01000
186137September 4, 2014TennesseeAntiochChestwick Court 01000
126940April 16, 2014CaliforniaAntioch4900 Country Hills Drive10000
144909June 9, 2014TennesseeAntioch4800 Cimarron Way01000
137415May 16, 2014FloridaArcadiaSpring Avenue and Martin Luther King Street11000
111958January 17, 2014PennsylvaniaArendtsvilleHale Ave01001
227317December 4, 2014TexasArlington1200 block of Golden View Court10000
145544May 23, 2014TexasArlington 700 block of Ridgeglen Drive01000
197877September 28, 2014TexasArlingtonCrest Grove Dr and Crestline Dr10000
130974April 26, 2014IllinoisArlington Heights500 West Thomas Street01000
130495April 28, 2014OhioArlington HeightsBlanche Avenue10000
106365February 12, 2014TennesseeAthens480 Co Rd 17202100
135195May 15, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaImperial Circle00020
122000March 29, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta700 Windsor Street 01000
210433October 24, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta70 Claire Drive SE00010
107636February 17, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaSylvan Road01000
224771November 24, 2014TexasAtlanta400 block of East Thomas Street10000
138996May 26, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta400 block of Sunset Avenue10000
176401August 17, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaLongmeadow Ln02000
123345April 9, 2014GeorgiaAtlantaWestmont Road01010
193552September 20, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta2980 Delmar Ln NW02000
141615May 29, 2014GeorgiaAtlanta (East Point)2900 Laurel Ridge Way00011