Teens Killed or Injured in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1589063January 5, 2020MarylandSilver Spring933 Ellsworth Dr01
1632825March 2, 2020MarylandBaltimore2800 block of Presstman St02
1643417March 20, 2020MarylandBaltimore1800 block of N Chapel St03
1634657March 5, 2020MarylandDistrict HeightsAtwood St and Rochell Ave02
1616023February 6, 2020MarylandMiddle River50 block of Oak Grove Dr01
1644361March 23, 2020MarylandBaltimore3900 block of Ridgewood Ave10
1635796March 8, 2020MarylandRosedale6255 Kenwood Ave15
1624351February 18, 2020MarylandBryans Road (Bryans Rd)3117 Warehouse Landing Rd10
1601978January 21, 2020MarylandHagerstownSalem Ave and Central Ave01
1646202March 26, 2020MarylandRiverdale (Riverdale Park)54th Ave01
1647661March 28, 2020MarylandBaltimore1100 block of Washington Blvd13
1606831January 27, 2020MarylandBaltimore2200 block of Ashton St12
1593960January 11, 2020MassachusettsHolyoke28 Gerard Way01
1643304March 20, 2020MassachusettsBrockton20 Johnson Court01
1610538January 31, 2020MichiganGrand Rapids1300 block of N White St01
1598439January 15, 2020MichiganDetroit7100 block of Elmhurst St01
1645695March 25, 2020MichiganDetroit19900 block of Greenfield Road01
1636881March 9, 2020MichiganPontiacBagley St and Arthur Ave01
1625021February 19, 2020MichiganGrand RapidsBurton St SE and Kalamazoo Ave01
1606027January 25, 2020MichiganDetroit18601 Grand River Ave03
1637755March 9, 2020MichiganJackson4th St and Franklin St01
1626282February 21, 2020MichiganSaginaw1500 block of Annesley St10
1642899March 20, 2020MichiganDetroitFaircrest St and Hayes St01
1626688February 21, 2020MichiganJackson500 block of Orange St10
1608129January 27, 2020MichiganGrand RapidsGiddings Ave SE and Burton St SE01