Teens Killed or Injured in 2016

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort ascendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
590123June 27, 2016AlaskaWasillaN Jasper Dr10
481849January 8, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington1700 E Capitol St NE04
499422February 3, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington1500 block of Butler St. SE04
514377February 29, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington3100 block of Knox Terrace SE01
516402March 3, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington300 block of 54th Street NE.01
517655March 5, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington1640 Columbia Rd. NW01
529329March 26, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington4720 Minnesota Ave NE10
534915April 3, 2016North CarolinaWashingtonPennsylvania Avenue02
543614April 18, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington2200 block of 16th Street SE02
547040April 23, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington5200 block of B Street SE02
564817May 23, 2016District of ColumbiaWashingtonFrederick Douglass Ct SE01
580544June 13, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington100 block of Upsal Street SE02
586563June 17, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington1100 block of Third Street SW01
646139September 1, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington1900 block of 16th Street SE11
646151September 1, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington1601 16th St SE11
710200November 25, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington1206 I St SE10
722349December 9, 2016District of ColumbiaWashington5000 block of Jay St NE10
1432257November 10, 2016District of ColumbiaWashingtonMinnesota Ave NE and Benning Rd NE01
602810July 13, 2016GeorgiaWarner Robins105 Magnolia Avenue05
721895November 25, 2016North CarolinaWarneWhite Oak Drive01
486728January 17, 2016VirginiaWare Neck (Gloucester Courthouse)Ditchley Road and Gill Lane13
540188April 9, 2016New YorkWappingers FallsWenliss Terrace01
566863May 27, 2016New YorkWallkill559 Fifth Avenue30
553476May 4, 2016VermontWaitsfieldElkhorn Road01
596302July 2, 2016TexasWaco3100 block of MacArthur Drive01