Teens Killed or Injured in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1618877February 10, 2020ColoradoColorado SpringsDel Mar Dr and Carmel Dr01
1657173April 11, 2020ColoradoDenver1600 block of S Tennyson St21
1604045January 22, 2020ColoradoDenver2600 block of W Mexico Ave10
1628727February 23, 2020ColoradoPueblo300 block of Jackson St01
1618821February 10, 2020ColoradoAurora397 S Potomac Cir03
1639061March 12, 2020ConnecticutHartford59 Lenox St10
1642127March 18, 2020ConnecticutNew HavenBouchet Lane01
1649775March 31, 2020ConnecticutNew HavenEastern Street01
1606353January 26, 2020ConnecticutBridgeportCalhoun Ave and James St01
1590434January 6, 2020DelawareDoverPaul St and Davis Cir10
1656144April 10, 2020DelawareWilmington600 block of N Franklin St01
1598845January 16, 2020DelawareWilmington400 block of Queen St01
1622475February 15, 2020DelawareWilmington (Newport)102 Bennett Ct10
1600937January 19, 2020DelawareWilmington400 block of N Spruce St01
1646539March 26, 2020DelawareWilmington3000 block of N Monroe St01
1623621February 18, 2020DelawareWilmington1100 block of Chestnut St01
1668253April 28, 2020DelawareWilmington (Edgemoor)S Rodney Dr and Bedford Dr02
1648874March 30, 2020DelawareNewark69 Greenridge Dr01
1625061February 18, 2020DelawareDoverW North St and Simon Cir01
1668508April 28, 2020DelawareWilmington100 block of Ashton St10
1604423January 23, 2020DelawareWilmington300 block of Woodlawn Ave01
1626974February 22, 2020DelawareWilmington2200 block of N Washington St01
1679607May 14, 2020DelawareWilmington2400 block of Jefferson St01
1653795April 7, 2020DelawareWilmington200 block of N Madison St10
1654498April 7, 2020DelawareWilmington400 block of W 30th St02