Teens Killed or Injured in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1608192January 28, 2020IllinoisSpringfield1500 block of Patton Ave01
1599024January 17, 2020IllinoisChicago100 block of W 69th St01
1622609February 16, 2020IllinoisChicago5000 block of W 63rd St01
1609285January 29, 2020IllinoisChicago6500 block of S Aberdeen St02
1599494January 17, 2020IllinoisChicago3500 block of S Giles Ave01
1622697February 16, 2020IllinoisRockford1100 block of N Winnebago St02
1587699January 3, 2020IllinoisChicago4500 block of N Hazel St01
1612485February 2, 2020IllinoisChicago5600 block of S Marshfield Ave10
1625873February 19, 2020IllinoisZion4100 block of Bayside Ct01
1588802January 4, 2020IllinoisChicago1000 block of N Central Ave01
1613290February 1, 2020IllinoisBloomington2600 block of Danbury Dr01
1602305January 21, 2020IllinoisChicago6130 S Wolcott Ave01
1592854January 9, 2020IllinoisChicago7500 block of S Colfax Ave01
1614922February 5, 2020IllinoisWoodridge3300 block of 83rd St01
1604724January 24, 2020IllinoisChicago3900 block of W Chicago Ave01
1628607February 24, 2020IllinoisChicago11300 block of S Aberdeen Ave01
1594286January 12, 2020IllinoisRantoul1200 block of Aspen Dr01
1616044February 6, 2020IllinoisChicago6200 block of S Eberhart Ave01
1595513January 12, 2020IllinoisChicago Heights400 block of W 16th St10
1587429January 2, 2020IndianaIndianapolis2700 block of Chamberlin Dr01
1587494January 2, 2020IndianaKokomoN/A10
1600483January 19, 2020IndianaIndianapolis3600 block of Ashway Dr01
1628127February 20, 2020IndianaMonroeS 350 E and E 500 S10
1606422January 27, 2020IndianaIndianapolisN/A01
1619778February 12, 2020IndianaIndianapolis4300 block of Village Trace Dr01