Teens Killed or Injured in 2014

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
269891June 29, 2014New YorkBronx1150 College Avenue02000
264442December 14, 2014New YorkBronxEast 170th Street01000
262803December 12, 2014New YorkBronxValentine Avenue01000
260558December 7, 2014New YorkBronxWhite Plains Road and East 213th Street01001
223985November 21, 2014New YorkBronxWade Square and Oak Tree Place01000
212781October 22, 2014New YorkBronxEast 225th Street01000
182692August 29, 2014New YorkBronxEast 172nd Street and Stratford Avenue01000
171589August 9, 2014New YorkBronx595 East 170th Street01000
170355August 5, 2014New YorkBronxEast Tremont and Jerome Avenues01000
186343September 1, 2014New YorkBronx388 E 141st St02000
149773June 22, 2014New YorkBronx756 East 232nd Street12001
144291June 8, 2014New YorkBrooklynQuincy St. and Marcus Garvey Blvd12000
193466April 29, 2014New YorkBrooklynWaverly Avenue03000
193877September 20, 2014New YorkBrooklynLoring Ave01000
195356September 22, 2014New YorkBrooklyn215 Lott Ave.01000
199800October 1, 2014New YorkBrooklynPulaski Street and Stuyvesant03000
212756October 25, 2014New YorkBrooklynClasson Ave.01000
142975June 3, 2014New YorkBrooklyn300 block of Classon Avenue10000
221101November 13, 2014New YorkBrooklynAlbany Avenue and Midwood Street01000
137483May 18, 2014New YorkBrooklynHighland Park02000
118881March 17, 2014New YorkBrooklynSouth 2nd St. 04000
115012March 14, 2014New YorkBrooklynS. Second and Roebling Sts04000
104791January 30, 2014New YorkBrooklyn760 Eldert Lane01000
92135January 1, 2014New YorkBrooklyn1461 Bushwick Ave10000
93107January 4, 2014New YorkBrooklynProspect Pl and Thomas Boyland St10001