Teens Killed or Injured in 2019

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
April 12, 2019IllinoisChicago5200 block of S Calumet Ave02
April 13, 2019IllinoisChicagoI-55 and Cicero Ave12
April 13, 2019IllinoisChicago9800 block of S Michigan Ave01
April 17, 2019IllinoisChicago7500 block of S Lafayette Ave12
April 18, 2019IllinoisChicago100 block of E 133rd St01
April 20, 2019IllinoisChicago4100 block of W Adams St10
April 21, 2019IllinoisChicago3600 block of W Chicago Ave01
April 21, 2019IllinoisChicago5300 block of S Hoyne Ave01
April 21, 2019IllinoisChicago1300 block of W 56th St02
April 23, 2019IllinoisChicago1600 block of S Homan Ave01
April 26, 2019IllinoisChicago3800 block of West Division St02
April 27, 2019IllinoisChicago8700 block of S Creiger Ave01
April 29, 2019IllinoisChicago200 block of N Long Ave11
May 2, 2019IllinoisChicago7800 block of S Spaulding Ave01
May 4, 2019IllinoisChicago3200 block of W Evergreen Ave02
May 5, 2019IllinoisChicago3800 block of S Princeton Ave10
May 7, 2019IllinoisChicago4300 block of S Rockwell St01
May 9, 2019IllinoisChicago3400 block of W Montrose Ave01
May 10, 2019IllinoisChicago3900 block of W 63rd St01
May 13, 2019IllinoisChicago2100 block of W Maypole Ave02
May 14, 2019IllinoisChicago200 block of W 113th St11
May 19, 2019IllinoisChicago200 block of W 94th St02
January 1, 2019OhioCincinnatiHickory St and Harvey Ave01
January 30, 2019OhioCincinnati1800 block of Goodman Ave01
February 8, 2019OhioCincinnati3490 Verbena Dr01