Teens Killed or Injured in 2016

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or CountyAddress# Killedsort descending# InjuredOperations
659377September 20, 2016IndianaGary700 block of West 25th Avenue01
620074August 2, 2016IllinoisChicago2600 block of North Lawndale01
647604September 4, 2016OhioNorth Ridgeville5300 block of Lear Neagle Road01
635611August 21, 2016IllinoisChicago4800 block of West Augusta01
672546October 8, 2016WashingtonSpokaneStandard and Ermina01
663758September 26, 2016KentuckyLexington3500 block of Gunbow Court01
621176August 3, 2016ColoradoPuebloEast 9th and N La Crosse Avenue02
651844September 3, 2016OhioToledo2293 Kent St01
637988August 24, 2016IllinoisChicago8000 block of South Avalon Avenue01
673576October 10, 2016IllinoisChicago2600 block of South California01
622721August 5, 2016VirginiaNewport News2610 Chestnut Avenue01
665909September 28, 2016FloridaOcala400 block of Northwest Ninth Street02
654715September 13, 2016WashingtonSeattle23rd Ave. and E. Cherry Street01
640196August 27, 2016FloridaTampa3500 block of Sarah St01
674570October 12, 2016KentuckyLouisville5600 block of Rustic Way01
624027August 7, 2016New YorkBrooklyn306 Marcus Garvey Blvd03
667708October 1, 2016IllinoisChicago (Roseland)11300 block of South Harvard01
656548September 15, 2016CaliforniaOakland1600 block of 78th Avenue01
641468August 28, 2016OhioClevelandEast 105th St and Hampden Ave01
629012August 12, 2016OhioColumbus900 block of East Dublin-Granville Road01
669118October 1, 2016OhioLima4251 Reservoir Road01
657843September 18, 2016OhioCincinnati (Lincoln Heights)931 Adams Street04
643156August 30, 2016FloridaCocoa800 block of North Fiske Boulevard01
632180August 16, 2016New JerseyTrentonCarver Lane02
670911October 6, 2016IllinoisChicago0 block of South Leamington01