Teens Killed or Injured in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1607991January 27, 2020MissouriSaint Louis4300 block of S 37th St01
1596268January 14, 2020MissouriSaint LouisPark Ave and Tucker Blvd01
1591743January 8, 2020MissouriKansas City6800 block of Monroe Ave10
1600493January 19, 2020MissouriBrookline (Battlefield)5900 block of S State Hwy FF01
1612506January 31, 2020MissouriSaint LouisN Garrison Ave and James Cool Papa Bell Ave01
1594578January 11, 2020MissouriSaint Louis11900 block of El Sabado Dr01
1615421February 5, 2020MissouriColumbia1400 block of Doris Dr10
1607374January 27, 2020MissouriSaint Louis3900 Holly Hills Blvd01
1622789February 15, 2020MissouriSaint Louis3400 block of Indiana Ave01
1617486February 9, 2020MissouriSaint Louis (Glasgow Village)10266 Valley Dr11
1620311February 12, 2020NebraskaOmaha1405 N 35th St10
1618202February 10, 2020NevadaReno900 block of Bates Ave02
1601558January 20, 2020NevadaReno1611 Wedekind Rd01
1595254January 12, 2020NevadaReno3600 block of S Virginia St11
1614629February 5, 2020New HampshireConcord450 N State St10
1612389February 2, 2020New JerseyPatersonSheridan Ave and Union Ave01
1594991January 12, 2020New JerseyJersey CityOcean Ave and Stedman St01
1617290February 8, 2020New JerseyNewark200 block of Livingston St01
1595736January 13, 2020New JerseyJersey CityOcean Ave and Bidwell Ave02
1587401January 2, 2020New YorkPlainviewBenmore Ct01
1620246February 12, 2020New YorkRochester200 block of Colvin Ave01
1594381January 11, 2020New YorkAlbanyN Swan St and Third St01
1604452January 23, 2020New YorkBronxHughes Ave02
1621850February 13, 2020New YorkPoughkeepsie71 Garden St01
1607881January 28, 2020New YorkCorona (Queens)Hillside Ave and 229th St01