Teens Killed or Injured in 2016

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
633436August 17, 2016New YorkBronx1375 College Avenue11
688690October 30, 2016New YorkBronxWest 165th Street03
529822March 27, 2016MississippiBrookhavenHighway 55010
729592December 13, 2016South DakotaBrookings (county)N/A01
484791January 13, 2016New YorkBrooklynLivonia and Pennsylvania Avenue11
504090February 11, 2016New YorkBrooklyn703 Miller Avenue10
514259February 29, 2016New YorkBrooklyn5002 Snyder Avenue01
520412March 10, 2016New YorkBrooklynPresident Street and Franklin Avenue02
533803April 1, 2016New YorkBrooklyn234 Sands Street01
542103April 16, 2016New YorkBrooklyn1803 Fulton Street02
555239May 7, 2016New YorkBrooklynMyrtle and Throop Avenue02
562017May 18, 2016New YorkBrooklyn1003 Wilmohr Street11
563549May 21, 2016New YorkBrooklynWyona and Livonia Avenue02
569370May 31, 2016New YorkBrooklyn1406 Brooklyn Avenue10
571976June 1, 2016New YorkBrooklynMarcy Avenue10
579786June 13, 2016New YorkBrooklynAvenue D and E. 57th05
594087July 1, 2016New YorkBrooklynMacDougal Street01
595166July 4, 2016New YorkBrooklyn419 Chauncey St07
601289July 11, 2016New YorkBrooklynLafayette and Stuyvesant Avenue01
613805July 23, 2016New YorkBrooklynFountain Avenue04
614564July 25, 2016New YorkBrooklynAvenue X01
624027August 7, 2016New YorkBrooklyn306 Marcus Garvey Blvd03
647905September 5, 2016New YorkBrooklynEmpire Boulevard22
673974September 26, 2016New YorkBrooklynPark Avenue and Hall Street01
713460November 28, 2016New YorkBrooklynE. 49th Street01