Teens Killed or Injured in 2016

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort ascendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
501064February 1, 2016WashingtonTacomaSouth Mason Avenue and Center Street10
517391March 5, 2016WashingtonTacoma2500 block of S 47th St01
477813January 2, 2016New YorkSyracuse100 block of Shonnard Street01
518176March 7, 2016New YorkSyracuse500 block of South Salina Street01
532036March 30, 2016New YorkSyracuse1300 block of Midland Avenue01
541238April 14, 2016New YorkSyracuse100 block of South Avenue01
541958April 16, 2016New YorkSyracuseSouth Avenue and Tallman Street01
543363April 18, 2016New YorkSyracuse100 block of Stewart Court01
551128April 30, 2016New YorkSyracuse100 block of Hartson Street01
551592May 2, 2016New YorkSyracuseWest Lafayette and Midland Avenue01
563543May 21, 2016New YorkSyracuse300 block of Furman Street01
563987May 22, 2016New YorkSyracuse500 block of Gifford Street01
581154June 14, 2016New YorkSyracuse200 block of Furman Street01
588487June 25, 2016New YorkSyracuse200 block of St Anne02
640801August 28, 2016New YorkSyracuse1700 block of Midland Ave01
674071October 10, 2016New YorkSyracuseAtlantic Avenue and Ballantyne Road01
677707October 16, 2016New YorkSyracuse100 block of Niven Street01
720825December 6, 2016New YorkSyracuse300 Block of South Ave02
726959December 15, 2016New YorkSyracuse500 block of Wolf Street01
550306April 23, 2016AlabamaSylvaniaN/A01
559869May 14, 2016WisconsinSussexHighway 164 and W. Silver Spring Drive01
504984February 11, 2016South CarolinaSummervilleN/A10
692195November 2, 2016South CarolinaSummerville107 Daffodil St.10
648457September 5, 2016IndianaSullivan4100 block of IN 15410
484600January 13, 2016GeorgiaStone Mountain4719 Central Drive12