Teens Killed or Injured in 2019

Incident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
January 2, 2019TexasAbilene3600 block of Duke Ln02
March 14, 2019TexasAbilene800 block of Forrest Ave01
April 14, 2019GeorgiaAdel105 W First St12
January 5, 2019OhioAkron1000 block of Burkhardt Ave10
March 12, 2019OhioAkron400 block of S Hawkins Ave01
March 19, 2019OhioAkron100 block of Miles St01
March 19, 2019OhioAkronChittenden St and Santee Ave01
May 24, 2019OhioAkron500 block of Chittenden St02
May 29, 2019OhioAkron400 block of Noah Ave03
May 1, 2019GeorgiaAlbany200 block of North Carroll St01
May 26, 2019New YorkAlbanySecond St01
May 26, 2019New YorkAlbanyThird St and N Lake Ave01
April 8, 2019New MexicoAlbuquerqueGlenrio Rd NW and 72nd St10
May 20, 2019LouisianaAlexandria1900 block of Bacon Street14
May 11, 2019PennsylvaniaAliquippa1000 block of Main St01
May 7, 2019TexasAllen1500 S Jupiter Rd01
January 19, 2019South CarolinaAllendale200 block of Bing St10
March 17, 2019PennsylvaniaAllentownBradford St and Hamilton St01
March 25, 2019PennsylvaniaAllentown200 block of Elliger St01
June 10, 2019CaliforniaAltadena2100 block of Santa Anita Ave11
February 20, 2019TexasAlvin700 block of Lilley Rd01
May 20, 2019TexasAmarillo6211 Estacado Ln20
April 29, 2019MississippiAmory (Hatley)Hwy 278 E01
June 2, 2019AlaskaAnchorageC St and W 20th Ave11
February 16, 2019IndianaAnderson303 E 29th St01