Teens Killed or Injured in 2019

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1290878January 1, 2019AlabamaBirmingham4917 Messer Airport Hwy01
1438958July 3, 2019AlabamaScottsboro1900 block of AL-3510
1354963March 23, 2019AlabamaMontgomery100 block of Twin Oaks Dr03
1491304August 27, 2019AlabamaMobile500 block of Rickarby St10
1314253January 27, 2019AlabamaBirminghamAvenue O and Warrior Rd05
1439149July 4, 2019AlabamaMontgomery3200 block of Covered Bridge Dr03
1360806March 30, 2019AlabamaAthens15000 block of Brownsferry Rd02
1494548September 1, 2019AlabamaValley502 Boulevard07
1320988February 5, 2019AlabamaTuscaloosa4400 block of 21st St02
1463252July 29, 2019AlabamaBirmingham5000 block of Court I03
1361428April 1, 2019AlabamaBessemer (Brighton)100 block of Bessemer Ave01
1501284September 9, 2019AlabamaMontgomery2500 block of Lower Wetumpka Rd03
1335259February 26, 2019AlabamaMontgomery225 Ann St01
1463841July 30, 2019AlabamaMobile500 block of Rickarby St10
1363234April 4, 2019AlabamaMontgomery2800 block of Mallory St01
1529411October 13, 2019AlabamaTuscaloosa4420 21st St01
1348291March 15, 2019AlabamaMobile515 Dauphin Island Pkwy24
1466384August 1, 2019AlabamaBessemer (Brighton)1300 block of Smith St10
1392180May 9, 2019AlabamaTuscaloosaElm St02
1551221November 16, 2019AlabamaMobile1611 Belfast St03
1348327March 15, 2019AlabamaMontgomery5800 Eagle Cir02
1480326August 15, 2019AlabamaMontgomery847 N University Dr23
1414209June 3, 2019AlabamaTuscaloosa3200 block of 21st St01
1354110March 23, 2019AlabamaMontgomery4400 block of Danbury Cir02
1486568August 23, 2019AlabamaBirmingham (Tarrant)1135 Pinson Valley Pkwy10