Teens Killed or Injured in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort descendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1618213February 9, 2020AlabamaBessemer4600 block of Little Dr10
1630013February 27, 2020AlabamaPhenix CityWhiterock Rd and Pine Ridge Tr01
1588096January 3, 2020AlabamaMontgomery200 block of Canna Dr01
1606305January 26, 2020AlabamaTuscaloosa3200 block of Hope Blvd02
1588962January 3, 2020AlabamaAuburn1600 block of Opelika Rd01
1608815January 28, 2020AlabamaPhenix City600 block of Lee Rd 30711
1590091January 4, 2020AlabamaDothan4883 Montgomery Hwy01
1641456March 17, 2020AlabamaBirmingham100 block of 17th Ave NW01
1623577February 16, 2020AlaskaAnchorage5th Ave and Reeve Blvd11
1628087February 22, 2020AlaskaAnchorageNew Seward Hwy and Fireweed Ln01
1604601January 24, 2020ArizonaGlendale10030 N 43rd Ave01
1620478February 12, 2020ArizonaChandler712 W Fairview St03
1633368March 3, 2020ArizonaPhoenix7611 W Thomas Rd10
1633375March 2, 2020ArizonaGlendale67th Ave and Bethany Home Rd02
1624406February 18, 2020ArizonaPhoenixW Fairmont Ave10
1610222January 30, 2020ArizonaGlendaleN 91st Ave and Montebello Ave01
1636833March 9, 2020ArizonaPhoenix (Laveen Village)6813 S 43rd Dr10
1627931February 23, 2020ArizonaPhoenixN 35th Ave and W Northern Ave01
1596527January 13, 2020ArizonaPhoenix5500 S 31st Ave01
1597335January 15, 2020ArizonaPhoenixN 27th Ave and W Northern Ave01
1587285January 2, 2020ArkansasLittle RockSheraton Dr and Janmar Dr02
1589650January 5, 2020ArkansasHot Springs National Park (Hot Springs)200 block of Sterling Cir01
1613673February 3, 2020ArkansasLittle RockAR-365 and Lowden Rd01
1616499February 7, 2020ArkansasLuxoraCypress Dr01
1629883February 25, 2020ArkansasHughesN/A01