Teens Killed or Injured in 2018

Incident DateStatesort ascendingCity Or CountyAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
October 27, 2018WisconsinMadison4700 block Cottage Grove Rd01
January 19, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee40th St and Courtland Ave01
August 14, 2018WisconsinGreen BayN/A01
May 28, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeW Hadley St and N 38th St01
January 27, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeN 37th and Silver Spring Dr01
August 19, 2018WisconsinRacine1600 block of Phillips Ave01
June 4, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeN Richards St and W Hadley St02
June 10, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeW Congress St and N 87th St21
March 4, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee930 N 27th St01
August 24, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeN 41st St and W Courtland Ave02
July 5, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee40th and Florist02
April 8, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee2400 block of S 20th St01
August 29, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeN Hopkins St and W Courtland Ave01
July 16, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee48th St and Capitol Dr02
April 29, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee3000 block on N 37th St01
September 26, 2018WisconsinMadisonLinda Vista Rd and Turner Ave01
August 5, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee5th and Lapham01
May 4, 2018WisconsinKenosha61st St and 24th Ave02
October 21, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee1575 W Washington St01
October 22, 2018WisconsinPleasant Prairie88th Ave and Westwood Dr01
August 6, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee1737 N Water St20
May 9, 2018WisconsinKenosha22nd Ave and 50th St01
October 24, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee4200 block of N Sherman Blvd01
August 12, 2018WisconsinMilwaukeeN 10th St and W Burleigh St12
May 24, 2018WisconsinMilwaukee4300 block of N Green Bay Ave01