Teens Killed or Injured in 2014

Incident IDIncident DateStatesort ascendingCity Or CountyAddressVictims KilledVictims InjuredSuspects KilledSuspects InjuredSuspects ArrestedOperations
126143April 16, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee3800 block of N. 9th St01000
156782July 9, 2014WisconsinSharon1097 Bollinger Rd01000
154462July 4, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee5800 block of N. 22nd Street01000
151649June 26, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee2300 N. Buffum St01000
151640June 26, 2014WisconsinGlendaleTheresa Lane11000
150798June 24, 2014WisconsinMilwaukeeN. 36th and W. Lloyd streets01000
150078June 22, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee2100 block of S. 20th St11000
149359June 21, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee3500 block of W. Villard Avenue01000
143861June 6, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee800 W. Windlake Ave02000
139535May 27, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee3000 block of N. 59th St02000
138964May 26, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee27th and Melvina Streets02000
137721May 22, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee35th Street and Glendale Avenue01000
126923April 19, 2014WisconsinMonroeGreenbush Rd01000
95090January 10, 2014WisconsinMilwaukeeW Concordia Ave and N 24th St02000
125544April 13, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee3500 block of N. 55th St02000
123420April 8, 2014WisconsinMilwaukeeW Keefe Ave and N 55th St02000
120457March 30, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee5000 N. 37th St10000
113231March 9, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee4200 block of N Teutonia Ave04000
110973February 11, 2014WisconsinBoscobel43105 Whippoorwill Ln10000
104466February 5, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee3200 block of N. 1st St.10000
103095February 1, 2014WisconsinMilwaukee52nd and Hampton01000
101876January 28, 2014WisconsinMilwaukeeN 28th St and W Chambers St05000
101785January 28, 2014WisconsinMilwaukeeLocust and N. 28th St05000
100570January 26, 2014WisconsinMilwaukeeW Capitol Dr and N 17th St01000
95128January 8, 2014WisconsinJanesvilleSpaulding Avenue01000