Incidents in 2020

Incident IDIncident DateStateCity Or Countysort descendingAddress# Killed# InjuredOperations
1634003March 4, 2020South CarolinaAbbevilleSawmill Rd00
1648810March 29, 2020MississippiAbbevilleCounty Rd 10601
1651062April 2, 2020LouisianaAbbeville300 block of Dutel St11
1671948May 3, 2020LouisianaAbbeville400 block of Dutel St10
1673084May 5, 2020LouisianaAbbevilleGreene St and I J Joiner St00
1683808May 16, 2020South CarolinaAbbevilleN/A10
1623688February 16, 2020WisconsinAbbotsford409 Swamp Buck Dr01
1589343January 2, 2020South DakotaAberdeen130th St and 395th Ave10
1605692January 25, 2020South DakotaAberdeen1100 block of S Washington St10
1614155February 4, 2020South DakotaAberdeen200 block of 5th Curve00
1627975February 20, 2020MarylandAberdeen50 block of Liberty St00
1627987February 23, 2020MarylandAberdeen50 block of Liberty St00
1632167February 29, 2020South DakotaAberdeen900 block of S Washington St00
1658869April 14, 2020South DakotaAberdeen2511 US-28101
1671434May 3, 2020OhioAberdeen1830 US-5201
1678398May 12, 2020WashingtonAberdeen210 E Market St00
1604689January 24, 2020TexasAbilene700 block of Plum St01
1609022January 28, 2020TexasAbileneS 7th St and Ruidoso St10
1623333February 15, 2020TexasAbilene6565 Central Park Blvd00
1629910February 25, 2020TexasAbilene700 block of Chestnut St00
1642328March 18, 2020TexasAbilene300 block of Westmoreland St10
1648718March 29, 2020TexasAbilene1100 block of Palm St00
1659782April 14, 2020TexasAbilene1300 block of Cypress St00
1664777January 30, 2020TexasAbilene1900 Pine St00
1664788January 30, 2020TexasAbilene1900 Pine St00